Quick Facts About Bergamasco Sheepdog Dog Breed

The Bergamasker is a very old and traditional dog breed that came from Asia to Italy about two thousand years ago

came. Here, the "Cane de Pastore Bergamasco" impressed with its versatility when used as a herding dog, because it not only reliably guarded the flocks of sheep, but also proved to be capable when it came to keeping the animals going. The Bergamasque shepherd dog has been able to maintain this good reputation to this day. The FCI now officially lists the dog breed under Group 1 , Section 1, Standard Number 194. Even though the Bergamasker was able to preserve his abilities as a nature-loving herding dog, he is increasingly seen as a family companion today.

The external appearance of the Bergamasque


Males weigh between 32 and 39 kilograms, while bitches with 26 to 32 kilograms are significantly lighter.


Bergamaski males and females also differ in size. Males reach a height at the withers of up to 62 centimeters and bitches reach a maximum size of 58 centimeters when fully grown.


The color spectrum of the Bergamasque is large. From gray to black to reddish shades, all colors are permitted except pure white. The Bergamask fur often has several shades of the same color.


The breed has a compact body, but does not look bulky. Its dense fur, which forms matted villi in the back of the body, is very soft and long in the head area.

Special properties


As the Bergamasker has always worked very closely with humans over the centuries, he has developed into a friendly four-legged friend. This breed is considered intelligent and courageous and at the same time has a special willingness to work. Bergamaskers still prove to be exceptionally good watchdogs who also react to intruders from outside in the house. In family life, the Bergamasker gets along well with children and appreciates the close contact with his family. He builds very intimate bonds and convinces even in everyday life with his relaxed and good-natured behavior.

Nevertheless, the Bergamasque has retained its independence. Therefore, raising these dogs is not always easy. A Bergamasker partially questions commands and only complies with them if he recognizes a meaning in them. Therefore, in dealing with these dogs on a daily basis, consistent and at the same time understanding action is required. If the upbringing succeeds at the same time as the establishment of a stable dog-human relationship, the breed is very obedient despite its “stubborn head” and would like to please its owner.

Possible areas of application

Due to its high level of intelligence and willingness to work, the Bergamasker is not only suitable for use around flocks of sheep. A Bergamasker will willingly complete training as a companion dog, rescue dog or search dog.If you want to breed this breed in a leisure-oriented way, you can give your four-legged friend a meaningful task with agility , tracking or dogdancing .

Attitude and care

For a happy and species-appropriate life, the Bergamasker needs enough space. The keeping in a small city apartment is therefore not recommended for this large dog breed . However, if the Bergamasker has his own garden and can move freely during the day, he feels all the more comfortable. Nevertheless, regular walks are one of the basic needs of these dogs. The comparatively high urge to move of the Bergamasker is only fair if they can spend at least two hours a day with it and incorporate brain work into the active phases.

However, fur care is pleasantly uncomplicated. The felting villi of the Bergamasker have to be regular, just like with the Pulibe pulled apart to prevent the formation of unpleasant felt panels. Otherwise, it is sufficient to comb the fur around the head, tail and shoulder area once a week with a suitable brush. If the fur is too long, the Bergamasker can also go to the dog groomer. The careful shortening of the fur maintains the breed-typical appearance.

In the apartment itself, this breed of dog loses only a few hairs due to the matting fur. Nevertheless, the long coat of the Bergamasker is a real magnet for dirt and wetness on walks. Such a hand will therefore bring sand, earth, twigs and leaves into the house more often around its villi and thinner hair.

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